Ride-on Brooms for Rent

Yancey Rents’ fleet of Ride-on Brooms for rent is the ideal solution for high-performance sweeping appliCations on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, such as gymnasium floors and soccer pitches. Combining high-speed brushing action with a powerful on-board vacuum, our late-model, low-hour Ride-on Broom rentals are designed to deliver outstanding cleaning rates per hour.


As the largest provider of construction equipment rentals in Georgia, whatever machine you need, there’s a good chance it will be part of the Yancey Rents fleet. If you can’t find a particular machine you need for your job site, talk to the Yancey Rents team at Call Yancey Rents at 1-844-YNC-RENT and we’ll find ways to get it for you.

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